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Established in April 2014, KPTI unifies two of the world's leading cutting tool manufacturers, Kyocera Tycom Corporation (KTC) and the Cutting Tool Division of Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation (KICC-CT). Read our About section for more information.

In the News:

2015 Solid Round Tools Catalog

2015 Solid Round Tools Catalog is Here!

Over 3000 new items including all new corner radius and extended reach end mills available with a wide range of radius sizes have been added to Kyocera's ever expanding solid round tooling lineup more

KS6030 / KS6040 SiAlON ceramic

KS6030 & KS6040 SiAlON Ceramic

Experience Kyocera's latest SiAlON Ceramic grade technology for heat resistant alloys. Prevent burr formation and chipping with superior notch wear resistance more

MFK Cast Iron Face Mills

New Cast Iron Face Mills - MFK

The new multi-edge cast iron face mills have 10 usable cutting edges per insert for stable economical machining. New developments in CVD coating technology, grade CA420M will revolutionize your productivity more

Winter / Spring Promo Pack

Winter & Spring Promo Pack Just Announced!

In 2015 Kyocera Precision Tools, Inc. is offering exciting new ways to advance productivity and reduce tooling costs. Discounts on Indexable and Micro-Diameter tooling in one of our biggest promotions yet more

New MFH-Raptor

...time to FEED

Quickly sweeping across America as the 1st Choice in high feed milling applications, the brand new MFH-Raptor High Feed Mills will triple your productivity and don't just take our word for it more

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